Epic Swim Seychelles


"We looked each other in the eye with Jürgen and the whole team and everyone was clear - we will come back and try again."

Not out of spite, but out of passion and following the call of the ocean and the locals of the Seychelles, I will return and start a new attempt.

Around 52km from the main island of Mahé across the open Indian Ocean to the idyllic resort island of La Digue - swimming, 15-18 hours, without technical aids. Puristic and genuine, becoming a part of the sea as a human being, swimming with the sea and not against it.

The preparations are already underway and this time with "theBlueHeart" we will not only cooperate with scientists, metrologists and climate researchers in the run-up to the Epic Swim Seychelles, but also collect important data with a measuring probe and make it available for research and science.

With this action, I´m aiming to generate positive impulses for people to preserve and protect the oceans, the largest ecosystem on our home planet Earth.

Let me take you along and be there live. I share my perspective with you and together we can do what others think is impossible.

Let's protect what we love.