theBlueHeart Philippines

"You are welcome to visit me and see what we are doing here for the conservation of the environment and the ocean". My longtime friend Sascha Ritter has found his adopted home in the Philippines, more precisely in El Nido, where he lives his passion for conservation.



Understanding the people who live with and from the ocean, how to sustainably deal with nature with limited possibilities and in the daily struggle for survival, that's what we went to see on site. Deeply impressed, we have learned a lot and also support and launched some concrete projects.



Protecting turtle nests, preserving mangrove areas, creating alternatives to fishing with dynamite, giving positive impulses, exploring undiscovered reefs and setting up protection programs for them. These are just some of the missions we support and work directly with the dedicated people on the ground.



Here we will introduce you to the people behind them and with your help, theBlueHeart can make an important contribution to protect what we love.