The Blue Heart Goes To School

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The ocean in the classroom


Talking together in front of and with children and young people, working with them and creating space for new ideas on how to deal with nature in a sustainable way, that gives me great pleasure. To some extent I have remained a child myself –  perhaps that is why it is so easy for me to talk to young people as equals.

Telling the children about my adventures, my encounters with the animals, my love of the sea and developing approaches together on how to protect the oceans; developing ideas in direct exchange, getting started directly and changing one's own behaviour individually instead of always making new plans, that is a fulfilling task.

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Ich habe gelernt, dass sich Lehrer*innen, die dieses wichtige Thema für ihre Schüler aufgreifen, oft in Eigeninitiative organisieren und sich mühsam den Unterrichtsstoff besorgen müssen. Wir von The Blue Heart wollen helfen, dieses Konzept zu erweitern und

I have learned that teachers who take up this important topic for their students often have to organise themselves on their own initiative and laboriously obtain the teaching material. We at The Blue Heart want to help expand this concept and make attractive information available to more teachers, students and children.


With the income from The Blue Heart, we finance projects within the climate school. These include interesting articles, films and pictures, which we make available to schools and non-profit organisations free of charge in order to hold an impromptu "climate lesson" whenever there is time.


I can also scale myself as an ambassador of the oceans via such a platform and come to your classrooms via personalised video messages.


For suggestions and also for specific requests, please send a message to