You love the ocean! Then show your BlueHeart and support our projects to protect the ocean by purchasing a product and wear this important message to the outside world. Of course, we make sure that our products are manufactured as sustainably as possible.

theBlueHeart x Bracenet Kooperation, Logo


The pollution of the oceans by our waste is a huge problem: tons of plastic waste threaten the oceans and their inhabitants. Ghost nets are a deadly trap for animals. Bracenet works closely with the marine conservation organizations Healthy Seas and Ghost Diving, whose volunteer diving teams remove the nets from wrecks and reefs in dangerous missions. The collected nets are then upcycled into bracelets and other products like our theBlueHeart Bracenet. The exclusive bracelet is inspired by theBlueHeart logo. The distribution of land (29%) and water (71%) on the earth should make us think about the importance of the ocean and should be seen as a call to take care of the essentials.

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You can see through my eyes and experience the ocean from a different perspective. Let me take you along, follow me, share the emotional pictures, comment and let theBlueHeart beat and grow.


  • Größenverstellbar von ca. 17–26 cm
  • Silber Edelstahl-Perle mit theBlueHeart Gravur
  • Nickelfrei, wasserfest & rostfrei
  • Unikat aus Handarbeit in Hamburg