I really enjoy talking to children and young people, working with them and creating space for new ideas for a sustainable approach to nature. In a way, I’m still a child – maybe that’s why it’s so easy for me to talk to young people at eye level.

Telling the children about my adventures, my encounters with the animals, my love of the sea and developing approaches together on how to protect the oceans; developing ideas in a direct exchange, getting started right away and changing your own behavior individually instead of always making new plans – that’s a fulfilling task.

I have learned that teachers who take up this important topic for their students often have to organize themselves on their own initiative and laboriously obtain the teaching material. We at The Blue Heart want to help expand this concept and provide teachers, pupils and children with attractive information.

We use the proceeds from The Blue Heart to finance projects within the climate school. This includes interesting articles, films and images that we make available to schools and non-profit organizations free of charge so that they can hold a spontaneous “climate lesson” whenever the time is right.

I can also scale myself as an ambassador for the oceans via such a platform and come to you in the classroom with personalized video messages.

Please send us a message if you have any suggestions or specific requests.